I am a mother, a daughter and a lover. I am a musician, passionate and loud. I am outspoken, kind and opinionated. I laugh, cry and dance in the rain. Words intrigue me. People inspire me and the simple things make me smile. Friends are family and my family means the world to me. I am a Christian. I love shoes. I am broken, but I am healing; writing helps with that.

I am putting this blog in order to, well, I guess put my thoughts on paper. Get thoughts from others, criticism, agreement…knowledge. I mean no disrespect by anything I post, for it is strictly my opinions and beliefs. The majority of this is to talk about my daughter, the struggles with her biological father, her growth and her life; religion and my struggles on this winding path, my love life, my issues with my biological father, which I’m sure what stems my issues with my daughter and her biological father, my health which is a disaster and my journey through my crazy life as is. Call it a blog, call it a diary, call it whatever. Just my thoughts that are put into words that are put onto paper.

Hi, I am Allie.


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